Stuff You Should Know

Our goal with this site is to help our customers - new and old - accomplish their goals. Global manufacturing operations, weekend hobbyists, whatever your interest may be - you need one source for all the tools, equipment, raw materials, and accessories that your ambitions demand. We are committed to becoming that source.

In order to make your time spent here as effective as possible, we have included a few features you may want to utilize.

Sign up & Save

We recommend for everyone who visits the site to create an account and sign up for our newsletter. As soon you have, you will see reduced prices on items store-wide. To increase your savings, buy more and move on to the next pricing tier. Contact us to learn more about tiered prices.

We can also offer specific prices on specific products to specific customers. For custom pricing tailored to your personal product interests, send us an inquiry to open up the conversation!


Have you noticed those little stars near products throughout our website? Well, if you like a product and want to save it to order again later, click on that star and it will be added to your Favorites list. Now, any time you log into your account (from any device), you can find all of your favorite products in one place. Just click on the Favorites button in the header. From there you can select item quantities and easily create/repeat multi-item orders.

Net Terms / PO Ordering

Most websites (including ours) operate through credit card purchasing. Want to pay another way? Well, we can also offer Net Terms on online orders! If you would like to apply for payment terms, fill out this form, and we will follow up with you within 10 business days.