ACL Staticide - 450 | 450 Ionized Environment Electrostatic Locator (with Carrying Case)

MTS Part # : A01-450

Mfr Part # : 450

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450 Ionized Environment Electrostatic Locator (with Carrying Case)The ACL 450 allows for drift-free accuracy even in ionized environments. This hand-held field meter produces consistent and accurate measurements and can be used to perform static surveys and evaluate charge accumulation in electronic manufacturing and in industrial operations such as converting, printing, packaging, and plastics processing. Its super sensitive electrode and stabilizing circuitry make this the perfect meter to use in electronic component production and assembly areas, textiles, packaging, engineering labs, and printing.Holding the instrument so the range finder LED beams form a non-pulsing circle indicating youre at exactly the right distance (1 inch) from the target for readings up to 20 kV. Use the hold button for capturing readings or for long term monitoring, use the front panel output jack for easy interfacing with a recorder, oscilloscope or automated data acquisition system.Digital 3-12 digit LCDUses standard 9-voltUnique pulsing beam for accurate distance measurements at 1Test range at 1 away from target: 0 - 19.99 kVTest range at 4 away from target: 0 - 40 kVIndicates polarityQuick zeroing buttonMeasurement HOLD buttonOptional charged-plate adapter available (Model 282CPS)Includes calibration certificate traceable to NIST