AIM Solder - 20001 | NC266-3 NoClean Flux, Ultra-Low Residue, Excellent Wetting - 5-Gallon Pail

MTS Part # : A02-C-266-3-5G

Mfr Part # : 20001

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Features: Rosin and Resin FreeVery Good WettingHalide-FreeLead-Free and Tin-Lead Compatible : NC266-3 is a rosin-free, resin-free, halide-free, no-clean wave solder flux designed to enhance wetting and prevent bridging during the wave soldering process. NC266-3 offers an enhanced activity level, as well as lower surface tension than other no-clean flux chemistries. NC266-3 performs well with bare copper, solder coated and organic coated PWBs, leaving negligible post-process residues that are non-conductive and do not require cleaning. NC266-3 may be utilized with tin-lead and lead-free solder alloys. Application: - NC266-3 is formulated for application via spray. For spraying, NC266-3 is ready to use directly from its container, no thinning required. When spray fluxing, it is imperative that proper flux coverage and uniformity be achieved and maintained. A dry flux coating of 500 to 1500 micrograms per square inch is recommended as a starting point. - When nitrogen sealed wave solder equipment is used, it is generally necessary to apply slightly more flux than normal as a result of excess drying due to the extended length of the equipment. - Monitoring and controlling the acid number is recommended for maintaining the flux composition. The acid number should be maintained between 13.98-15.44 MG KOHGRAM or 30 32 drops using AIMs N.020 Titration Kit. Process Control: Due to the low percentage of solids in this flux, control of specific gravity with automated equipment usually is found to be ineffective; therefore, control via titration is necessary. AIMs Titration Kit has proven to be cost-effective, user friendly, quick and accurate. Titration should be carried out at least once an hour for flux foaming operations, or more often if large variances are found.Cleaning: NC266-3 can be cleaned, if necessary, with saponified water or an appropriate solvent cleaner. Please refer to the AIM No- Clean-Cleaner Matrix for a list of suitable cleaning materials.