AIM Solder - 20110 | WS770 VOC-Free, Water Soluble Flux - 1-Gallon Container

MTS Part # : A02-C-WS770-1G

Mfr Part # : 20110

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Features: HIGH ACTIVITY LEVEL EXCELLENT WETTING IMPROVED CLEANING WIDE PROCESS WINDOW CAN BE FOAMED, SPRAYED, BRUSHED, OR DIPPED FOAM RESISTANT RESIDUES Passes IPC, product testing results available upon requestWS770 is a PH neutral, organically activated, water-based, VOC-free water-soluble liquid flux formulated to fullyatomize during the wave soldering process. WS770 may be applied by automated flux sprayers, foamed,dipped, or brushed on with favorable results. WS770 is a buffered flux that has a wide activation range andgood wetting characteristics that produce bright shiny solder joints. WS770 performs well with bare copper,solder-coated, and organic coated PWBs.FLUX APPLICATION WS770-S is ready to use directly from the container for spay systems. No thinning is required. It may bebrushed or dipped as well. When spray fluxing, it is imperative that proper flux coverage and uniformitybe achieved and maintained. A dry flux coating of 500 to 1500 micrograms per square inch isrecommended as a starting point. WS770-F is available for foaming applications. When complete nitrogen sealed wave solder equipment is used, it is generally necessary to apply slightlymore flux than normal as a result of excess drying due to the extended length of the equipment. When foaming, air stones should be supplied with compressed air free of oil and moisture. Adjust foamhead to achieve a uniform distribution of small bubbles for optimum flux coverage. During foaming applications it is periodically necessary to add water to replace that which is lostthrough evaporation. DI water is recommended