AIM Solder - 20248 | ST-501A, Water Soluble Inorganic Acid Flux - 1-Gallon Container

MTS Part # : A02-C-ST-501A

Mfr Part # : 20248

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Features: WATER SOLUBLE EXCELLENT WETTING ENHANCED ACTIVITY LEVEL FOR STAINELSS STEEL WIDE PROCESS WINDOW ST-501A is a water-based, inorganically activated liquid flux designed to solder almost all grades of stainless steel. Though designed for application via a foam fluxer, ST-501A also may be applied by dipping or brushing. Since ST-501A is highly corrosive, all residues must be rinsed with water after soldering. FLUX APPLICATION ST-501A can be used in dipping, spraying, brushing, swabbing, and many other fluxing operations. Flux pots should be plastic or titanium. CLEANING The residues and raw flux are completely water soluble and should be washed in an aqueous cleaning system using de-ionized or distilled water heated to a recommended temperature of 100-150C.