AIM Solder - 22654 | NoClean Paste Flux, Electrically Safe, for Rewok & Repair - 10cc Syringe

MTS Part # : A02-PF-NC217-SC10

Mfr Part # : 22654

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Features: Tin-Lead and Lead-Free CompatibleDries without HeatPasses SIR in Raw State : NC217 Gel Flux is designed for touch-up and repair work where the flux may spread away from the heat source. NC217 Gel Flux is electrically safe and passes SIR -004B unheated. This gel flux dries within one hour of use with or without heat and is tack-free after four hours. Flux Application: When being used in rework, application should be limited to the area being worked. Application via dispense needle, brush or a cotton swab is recommended. Cleaning: - NC217 Gel Flux can be cleaned, if necessary. Please refer to the AIM Cleaner Matrix for a list of suitable cleaning materials. Handling and Storage: - NC217 Gel Flux is best used within 1 year at 4 C-12 C (40 F-55 F) or 6 months at room temperature. - Do not store new and used gel flux in the same container.