AIM Solder - 5313 | SN100C Lead Free Solder, Package: Chips - 30 lb Box

MTS Part # : A02-B100C-CHIPS

Mfr Part # : 5313

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Features: Bridge-Free Soldering Dross Rate Equal to or Lower than Tin-Lead Does Not Contain Silver or Bismuth - Smooth, Bright Well-Formed Fillets Icicle-Free Soldering Eutectic Alloy Slower Rate of Copper Erosion from Holes, Pads and Tracks: SN100C is a lead-free solder alloy developed by Nihon Superior in Japan. SN100C offers user-friendly properties and has been proven in commercial production since 1999. The addition of nickel improves the wetting and flow properties of the cost effective tin-copper eutectic. This makes it possible to achieve excellent results in wave soldering at process temperatures comparable to the tin-lead solder it replaces. Performance in wave soldering at least matches that of more expensive silver-containing alloys and the resulting joints are smoother and brighter. SN100C is available in bar, solid and cored wire, and solder paste. WaveSelective Soldering: The main differences between wave soldering with Sn63Pb37 tin-lead solder and SN100C are: - The process window; the difference between the process temperature and the melting point of the solder is smaller. - At the recommended process temperatures the wetting of SN100C is slower. Higher solder temperature can speed wetting. Higher temperature operation will not affect the SN100C alloy; however, thermal damage, increased copper dissolution and dross generation are possible and need to be considered. - Operators need to ensure that the wave soldering machine is designed to keep board and solder temperatures within these ranges throughout the process.