AIM Solder - 89330 | SN63, M8 NoClean Solder Paste, T4 - 700g Cartridge

MTS Part # : A02-P63-M8-T4-C7

Mfr Part # : 89330

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An evolution of the highly successful NC258 platform, M8 brings no-clean solder paste performance to the next level. Developed in combination with T4 and finer mesh leaded and lead-free alloy powders, M8 provides stable transfer efficiencies required for todays UFP and umBGA devices, reducing DPMO on the most challenging applications. A novel activator system provides powerful, durable wetting action accommodating a wide range of profiling processes and techniques. M8 activators will reduce wetting related defects such as HiP (head-in-pillow) and provide smooth shiny joints.

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