Electrolube - SWAS05L | SWAS - Safewash Super (5L)

MTS Part # : E11-ESWAS05L

Mfr Part # : SWAS05L

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The Safewash range consists of water based cleaning solvents, suitable for the cleaning of PCBs and production equipment. The Safewash products are water-based, non-flammable, 100 ozone friendly, biodegradable solvent blends designed to clean to well within the worlds military cleanliness standards.(ANSI-J-001BIPC TM-650). SWAS removes all types of flux residues (RA, RMA, no-clean and water-soluble) quickly and efficiently, with minimal environmental effect using low cost, readily available cleaning equipment. It is ideally suited for the removal of very stubborn flux resides and no-clean fluxes, which can be extremely difficult to remove. SWAS will remove them to military cleanliness standards. It also has a lower odour than the other Safewash variants and is easy to rinse. For spray applications where foam generation may be a problem, an alternative Safewash should be used: