Menda - 35012

MTS Part # : M02-35012

Mfr Part # : 35012

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Ideal for use by electronic manufacturers working with ESD sensitive componentsHighly visible with yellow header and ESD Symbol allowing people to immediately know the badge holder is ESD protective Dissipative Rtt: 10E6 to 10E10 ohms per ANSI/ESD S11.11 Tribocharging: Less than 100 volts Includes inner anti-print, non-ESD vinyl liner which will prevent ink transfer from your document to the document holder Made with a custom dissipative material made exclusively for Desco Industries and not available anywhere else! Available in horizontal and vertical, clip or no clip Contact for custom item inquiries just let us know your insert size!Genuine Made in the United States of America – accept no substitutes This item is made in Chino, CA If you have an ESD Badge Holder, send it to us and we will test it at No Charge and send you a Menda one at No Charge!“It should be understood that any object, item, material or person could be a source of static electricity in the work environment. Removal of unnecessary nonconductors, replacing nonconductive materials with dissipative or conductive materials and grounding all conductors are the principle methods of controlling static electricity in the workplace, regardless of the activity.” [ESD Handbook ESD TR20.20-2008 section 2.4 Sources of Static Electricity]Technical Data SheetTechnical Data Sheet
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