Vendor Managed Inventory

Never worry about supply shortages again. Let us manage your production supplies and materials inventory so that you can focus on running your business. The goal of our VMI program is to build a partnership to deliver competitive pricing, quality products and technical support via a tailored inventory management program that will result in the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership. (Product unit cost + all activities associated with the acquisition: tracking, stocking, use and re-supply) The endpoint is a ‘Hands Free’ system that minimizes labor costs, guarantees stock availability, and provides security and ‘On Demand’ oversight.

  • No stock-outs, no lines down
  • Simplified A/P : fewer vendors, fewer POs, fewer checks
  • Data-driven insights :cost/usage tracking by department, production volumes, etc.
  • Significantly reduced freight costs

Dross and Solder Waste Reclamation

Enjoy competitive pricing and the confidence that your solder dross, solder waste and many other scrap metals will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner that complies with all federal, state, and provincial regulations.

Midwest Tech makes it easy – free reclamation buckets and shipping labels along with instructions for returning dross. Once dross is received and analyzed, customers receive credit for the recovery value of their material.

AIM makes it safe – with over 65 years of experience in the reclamation and recycling of metals. AIM is one of the few producers of metals that are capable of performing on-site solder waste recycling. As “cradle to grave” legislation is implemented, working with a metals supplier that is able to reclaim scrap metal is critical.

Solder Analysis

The solder in a wave solder machine can become contaminated with other metals dissolved during the soldering process. These impurities can affect the physical characteristics and wetting ability of the solder, and may possibly result in defects such as icicles, bridging, pin-holes, webbing and non-wetting. Midwest offers Solder Analysis Services provided by AIM Solder to increase wave soldering throughput and reliability and reduce the rework of soldered assemblies. While you can purchase this service on a one-time basis, in order to maintain solder purity, a program of regularly scheduled pot analysis is recommended. The program allows customers to track solder pot impurities for conformance to IPC and/or internal requirements.

ESD Surveys

Could you use a second set of eyes on your ESD Control Plan? Using the ESDA’s ANSI/ESD S20.20 standard and calibrated test equipment, trained factory representatives from our partner Desco will take measurements and make observations of your ESD Control Plan. Upon completion of the survey, a written report of the findings will be provided, with suggestions for any improvements that may be needed. There is no cost for the Survey. (Surveys may not be available in certain locations due to the availability of trained personnel.) Please contact us for further details.

On-Site Product Demos

You want to buy a new product or piece of equipment, but you want to see it in action first. Don’t worry, we’ll come to you! ... or, if that is not possible in these times of pandemic, we will be happy to arrange a virtual demonstration.

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