MCC-EPXW | Uncured Epoxy Cleaner- ExPoxy™ - Tub of 100 Wipes

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The Uncured Epoxy Cleaner- ExPoxy is a powerful surface cleaner designed to dissolve and remove uncured chip bonder glues. Probably the most powerful and versatile in its class, it replaces acetone, tolulene and other old-style solvents. It is the best choice for cleaning solder paste in automatic stencil printers and cleaning misprinted boards. Based on unique aliphatic hydrocarbons, ExPoxy Remover works well on leaded- and lead-free fluxes and pastes, water-soluble pastes and even no-clean products. The wipes are 8 inches x 5 inches; there are 100 high-purity, lint-free wipes in each presaturated tub. The paper is an ultra-pure, high-strength polyester material that will not leave lint or residues on the stencils. Uniquely, these Wipes come with MicroCares unique slam-shut packaging and have the industrys only unlimited shelf-life. Once a wipe is removed, the spring-loaded dispenser slams shut, trapping the next wipe and all of the cleaning liquid inside the tub. This minimizes evaporation and keeps the wipes damp for months and months. A slower-drying liquid, it gives techs more tack time yet it is 100 volatile, so it dries without residues. Plastic-safe. Non-corrosive. This formulation has been tested and accepted by DEK, EKRA, MPM, and Panasonic for use as a stencil-paper wetting fluid inside their stencil printers.
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