MCC-ZAP | StatZAP™ ESD Eliminator

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The StatZap ESD Eliminator is a handy dispensing tool designed to dissapate the ESD charge created by all aerosol products. The StatZAP ESD Eliminator continuously drains static charges to less than 50 volts so the static can never reach levels dangerous to components and PCBs. Each StatZAP fits most MicroCare cans andmany of those from other vendors, as well. By maintaining direct contact with the StatZAP trigger, the user becomes part of the grounding circuit and ESD charges are carried away to ground. Each StatZAP is made from stainless steel, so it is durable and long-lasting. The tapered shape of the CoronaTip on the StatZAP generates an ionized triboelectric field that radiates as much as ten inches from the tip. This neutralizes ESD charges within that field. The ShockShield safety feature protects technicians from contact with energized electrical circuits. If static control is important, then the StatZap is vital. (Note: The operator must be grounded during use.) The StatZAP does not affect or impair solvent performance
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